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   Welcome to Feline, a Warriors Roleplay! The owner of  Feline is Sky (Skyheart). Without her creativity and endless work, Feline would not be what it is now. Every inch of Feline, Sky typed, edited, animated, and designed. Each word you see on this website, each graphic, belongs to Sky. Please do not take any of these ideas and say they are yours. Because of our desire to make things original and yet also help you make something of your own, please contact Sky via PM (private message) if you would like to make a website of your own. She can help you make your own ideas, and turn inspiration from this site into your own work. Anyways, make sure you make yourself at home here. All are welcome, and we will make sure all feel welcome as well. Make sure to check out the Guidelines in order to prepare yourself and know what you should do. If you have any questions, Sky and the staff can answer them. You can contact Sky via PM or comment on her profile if you need any help. Enjoy our website!

How To Sign Up

If you want to become a part of the Feline community, make sure you read these instructions carefully so you know what to do!

1. Click the pastel pink Sign In if you already have a Webs ID. Your Webs ID is used for every site made used with Webs. 

2. Register to create a Webs ID! When creating a profile, do not use your real birthday if you are under 13. It says you have to be 13, but this is an all-ages site. Set your age to 13 and select "Do not show my age" if you are under 13. Choose a username that fits yourself. It may not be a username used by any other member. Fill out your profile, and make sure it's appropriate and follows the rules!

3. Read the Guidelines! If you don't know the rules on the site, it's likely that you'll break one or two on accident. They are simple, easy-to-follow rules, but make sure you know what's expected of a Feline Roleplay member. On that same page, you will find the naming guidelines and naming charts. Use those to help choose a good name for your character.

4. Add your character. Do this by going to Forums > Welcome > Add Your Cat > [Your Cat's Clan]. Make sure you select the proper Clan! The Clan you enter your cat into is the Clan you must roleplay him/her in! 

5. Start Roleplaying! Once your cat's added, don't wait to be accepted. That can take 1-5 days. Make sure to read the naming rules! 

Site Status

Member Status 

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Site Editing Status

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O V E R A L L:

Doing well, but not perfect


Please do not use graphics, text, rules, or ideas from Feline. Our goal is to be an original website. Our ideas must stay ours. If you want some help with a website you're making, Sky can help. Please ask and do not take. Thank you!